Oritma® - Series II.

Oritma Series - II/XXV

Series - II/XXV

A buffalo is the largest mammoth of North America, and during the Native Americans era, their herds ran about the vast prairies. The motive of the buffalo's head on this lighter is worked out in great detail.

Oritma Series - II/XXVI

Series - II/XXVI

The most famous legend about the wolves is definitely the story of Romulus and Remus, two brothers raised by a female wolf who later founded the city of Rome.European nations and Native Americans worshiped and respected the wolf. A wolf for the Native Americans Indians was of great importance in shamanic rituals.

Oritma Series - II/XXVII

Series - II/XXVII

A bear is referred to as the "King of the Woods" and symbolizes great strength, safety and decisiveness. For its ability to "relive" from winter sleep, the bear has been worshiped since time immemorial. In Asia, they even believed that the spirit of the sacrificed bear would go straight to heaven, telling the gods all the wishes and requests of the people.

Oritma® - Series I.

Oritma Series - I/XX

Series - I/XX

An Art Nouveau motif of an engraving of a romantic woman experiencing unrequited love. A motif worked out in incredible detail, created over long hours by an engraver's masterful hand.

Oritma Series - I/XXI

Series - I/XXI

Simplicity is perfect. The young girl holding spring flowers who is pictured in this engraving is full of hope of what life will bring, and a desire to live every day in an unforgettable way.

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Series - I/XXII

A woman with a flower in her hand, reflecting on passing time and a youth which has vanished irretrievably. However, she looks forward to the next years of her life with interest.

Oritma® is the original

This story began a few years ago, in the autumn, in a hotel high in the mountains. It was the evening, and the sun was setting. I'm not sure how it all began, but I didn't refuse the invitation. That life decision helped me formulate my ideas, allowing me to create something which transcends the standards of mediocrity.

How is it created?

Manual production

In the short video you can see how these original Oritma ® lighters are created by the hands of master lathemen, sanders and engravers. It's a fantastic spectacle of honest work, human skill and the Czech character.